Who Are the Sports Betting Online Kings?


Sports betting online is widespread, and it’s easy to see why. The odds are always in your favor, and you can make money while watching games you love. These men have parlayed their love of sports into a lucrative careers where they make millions through their mathematical prowess and keen sense of trends. Here are five men who’ve become legends in their own right:

Billy Walters

Billy Walters is a professional sports bettor who has made millions of dollars in betting on sports. He is a contrarian and uses the “against the grain” strategy.

R.J. Harper

R.J. Harper is a professional sports bettor who has won over $10 million in the last five years. Harper offers tips and predictions for making money betting on football games through his website, RJHarperSports.com.

Bob Voulgaris

Bob Voulgaris is a professional sports bettor profiled in the New York Times and on ESPN. He has won millions of dollars betting on sports and is banned from casinos for card counting.

Bill Kermode

Bill Kermode is a sports betting legend. He won a whopping $4 million in one day, has a Ph.D. in mathematics, and is a professor at the University of New England. He’s also a big fan of punting on soccer and horse racing.

In this article, we’ll talk about how Bill Kermode started betting on sports and what it takes to succeed.

Karim Abu Naba’a

Dr. Karim Abu Naba’a is a sports betting expert and the founder of Sports Analytics Corporation (SAC), which uses mathematical models to predict game outcomes. He also sold this company to SAC on January 10, 1999, for an undisclosed amount of money estimated between $650 million and $1 billion.


The world’s five most famous sports bettors. Do any of these men sound like someone you could learn from?