The Bomb Crypto Game: How to Play and Earn

Bomb Crypto is a play-to-win game released by Senspark, a renowned Vietnamese game developer. Despite being relatively young, DappRadar once listed this game as the third most popular after it gained over 600,000 players.

Footprint Analytic data also revealed that the Bomb Crypto game surpassed MBOX as the most BSC-funded game on GameFi. It was also the third most popular game on GameFi between December 18, 2021, and January 18, 2022.

Below are the answers and additional information regarding the Crypto bomb game.

How does Bomb Crypto Game work?

Crypto bomb is a popular play-to-earn game that enables players to locate a Bomb Crypto token (BCOIN) and battle monsters utilizing Bomb Heroes.

Bomb Heroes, meanwhile, are exclusive NFTs that players can obtain, sell, and improve to gain additional BCOIN tokens. Yahoo Finance, the official site for Bomb Crypto, has launched twelve NFT Bomb Heroes with random traits.

Later, players can utilize these Heroes’ favorable qualities to acquire additional BCOIN tokens.

The game’s principles and design are based on the famous Bomberman game, giving players a retro vibe and a sense of nostalgia.

There are three Game Modes in Bomb Crypto.

Treasure Hunt, Adventure, and Battle are the three distinct game modes.

  • Treasure
    Treasure hunt Mode for searching for buried treasures on Bomb crypto. This game’s Treasure Hunt mode is the easiest because it does not involve active gaming. Depending on your Hero level, it may take an hour or more to clear the entire map in this mode.

    Your objective is to clear the map as quickly as possible. Therefore, the greater your number of bombers, the quicker you can clear the map and acquire additional BCOIN tokens.

    In this mode, four to five BCOIN tokens are available per round. However, your profits after the task may fluctuate, as may the number of available BCOIN tokens.
  • Adventure
    In this mode, players must select a Hero, embark on an adventure, and defeat all creatures to achieve success. By breaking blocks and defeating monsters, players gain BCOIN.
  • Battle mode
    In this mode, players earn BCOIN tokens by defeating opponents in combat. This game mode demands an entry fee as well. The entry fees will be deposited into a prize pool from which the winner will be rewarded. The more opponents you defeat, the more tokens you’ll receive from the pot.

Instructions for Bomb Crypto

In contrast to other play-to-win NFT games, Bomb Crypto instruction is pretty straightforward. Ensure you have 10 BCOIN tokens in your MetaMask wallet before playing the game. Then, please follow the below instructions.

  • Visit the official Bomb Crypto website at
  • Connect your wallet to MetaMask. Discover our comprehensive guide on creating a MetaMask wallet.
  • Purchase a minimum of one Bomber Hero to play this game. This game requires at least one Bomber Hero to play. The greater your Hero’s characteristics, the better your gaming will be.
  • Commence play in Treasure Hunt mode.